India vs Sri Lanka Guwahati Tickets

India vs Sri Lanka Guwahati Tickets – The Indian team is having quite a successful year. They have been very busy in 2019 and they would be having a similar kind of busy schedule in 2020 as well. The series with Sri Lanka is supposed to start in the first week of January. India Vs Sri Lanka 1st T20 will be played at the Barsapara stadium of Guwahati. Now India vs Sri Lanka Guwahati tickets are in very much demand. Sri Lanka Tour of India 2020 consists of 3 ODI matches. These matches are to be played at various stadiums of the country with a small interval between them. The first match will be played at 7 PM on 5th January 2020. The Sri Lanka Tour of India 2020 tickets seem to be in demand among the fans. The teams are facing each other on Indian soil. They have been playing numerous matches at each other’s country and the Indian team is more dominating these days. We may see a good match between these teams. People have also planned to book India Vs Sri Lanka Guwahati Tickets.

The first ODI is scheduled on the first Sunday of 2020 and the stadium is expected to be quite full. Last year was quite a success for the Indian cricket team and they have performed really well. The ODI World Cup was also a good series except for the Semi-Final which turned out to be the last match of the series for the Indian cricket team. This year is starting with the Sri Lanka Tour of India and it is having only 3 T20. it is quite a small series with only T20 format matches. As Guwahati is hosting the first match, India Vs Sri Lanka 1st T20 tickets are about to start selling. Almost all the matches are important in this small series as the winner of the first match would be in good condition, but the losing team would be having a knockout series if they plan to win the series. Being a T20 match, it will be a 3-4 hours match. It attracts the crowd of all age groups due to the dynamic nature of this format. People would be trying to book India Vs Sri Lanka Guwahati stadium match tickets in advance. Cricket fans of Guwahati are quite happy with the first T20 scheduled in Barsapara and hence it is facing a good demand of Barsapara stadium tickets booking for India Vs Sri Lanka Match.

We have seen many T20 series and most of the series are interesting. The matches are short ones, with only 20 overs bowled in each innings. These are mostly high scoring matches with a continuous flow of boundaries which keeps the fans entertained. The Sri Lankan team is not in a very good form and they would be struggling to win while playing with India. The IND Vs SL Barsapara T20 tickets would be selling in good numbers near the match days. The India Vs Sri Lanka Guwahati tickets are going to be booked for most of the categories. As there are various India Vs Sri Lanka Guwahati tickets prices for various categories, the fans should get their seats reserved soon. India Vs Sri Lanka Barsapara tickets counter can also be used to buy offline tickets. The teams are playing a good number of T20 matches in order to prepare for the T20 World Cup scheduled to happen in 2020. The India Vs Sri Lanka T20 series would be a good platform for the teams to practice. It would be very beneficial for both the teams and it would help them for the upcoming big series. Between these matches, the regular ODI and Test matches are also scheduled. You may start searching for Booking India Vs Sri Lanka 5 Jan tickets so that you would be able to get your desired seats. Tickets booking can be done online and offline.

The Indian team would be playing with Sri Lanka at their home ground. The home team always has the advantage of their home conditions. The stadium of Guwahati is one of the international stadium with all the facilities. Virat Kohli is leading the team very well and it is turning out to be quite fruitful for the home team. The India Vs Sri Lanka Guwahati tickets booking is going to be done in advance by fans. The Barsapara Stadium can accommodate as much as 40,000 spectators and it gets very exciting on a match day. We have shared some of the important information related to India Vs Sri Lanka 5th January match:

India vs SL 1st T20 Match Tickets Details 5 Jan 2020

Tour – Sri Lanka Tour of India 2020
Match Format – T20 Matches
Series – India Vs Sri Lanka T20 series
Stadium Name – Guwahati Stadium / Barsapara Stadium
City – Guwahati
Date – 05 January 2020
Day – Sunday
Time – 7 PM
Address – Barsapara, Guwahati, Assam 781018
Stadium Seating Capacity – 40,000 (approx)

How to Book India vs Sri Lanka Guwahati Tickets

The Barsapara stadium of Guwahati gets a limited share of international matches. This stadium hosts a limited number of matches despite being equipped with all the required facilities. The people of Guwahati are happy to get an international match at their stadium. The fans are really exciting and they would be willing to get their tickets soon. Looking at the current form of the Indian cricket team, it seems Sri Lanka have to play a very good cricket to win the match. We may see good competition in this match as the teams are playing with each other after a long time. India Vs Sri Lanka 1st T20 tickets are sold at Guwahati stadium tickets counter and you can buy it online too. The India Vs Sri Lanka Guwahati tickets booking generally opens a few weeks before the match day. You need to keep an eye on tickets as the seats are booked quite fast in the initial days. One should book India Vs Sri Lanka Guwahati T20 tickets from one of the genuine sources. The India Vs Sri Lanka online tickets booking is done at one of ticket booking websites.

The ticket selling websites like Bookmyshow, paytm, insider, ticketsnow, etc are mostly authorized to sell India vs Sri Lanka Guwahati T20 tickets. You may follow the below steps for booking Booking India Vs Sri Lanka T20 tickets online:

  • Visit one of the tickets booking website using your laptop or smartphone (Bookmyshow, Paytm, insider etc).
  • you will find the cricket match series in events or sports section.
  • click on the Sri Lanka Tour of India 2020 tickets listed there.
  • Click on the India Vs Sri Lanka 1st T20 tickets.
  • Tickets are listed with India vs Sri Lanka T20 ticket price and stadium seat map here.
  • Select the seat from the various categories of India Vs Sri Lanka Guwahati tickets, among the categories.
  • The Barsapara stadium tickets price are shown here for different stands.
  • Once you have chosen the seat, move ahead to the next page.
  • You will have to provide or confirm some details before going ahead with the payment.
  • You might have the option of choosing home delivery of tickets, Box office pickup is one of the options as well.

India vs Sri Lanka Guwahati 1st T20 Tickets Price

The International T20 matches ticket prices are kept almost similar in most of the matches. In most of the matches, ticket prices are kept below the ticket price of IPL tickets. The India Vs Sri Lanka Barsapara stadium ticket price is expected to start from 500 – 750 Rs. There are various stands and seat categories and IND Vs SL ticket price would be different on the basis of these stands. The Barsapara stadium capacity of 40,000, which is good enough for an international match. The stadium gives a different feeling when you watch a match in the stadium, full of spectators. It is different and exciting than watching it at home. The India Vs Sri Lanka Guwahati 1st T20 ticket booking is quite a simple task if done right.

We have given many details related to India vs Sri Lanka Guwahati tickets 2020 booking process here. We would like to clarify that we are not selling or purchasing tickets.

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